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Standing Out In A Sea Of Content

Content is king in today’s digital marketing strategy. Millions of companies, from the largest Fortune 100 corporations to single owner operations on Etsy, are using content marketing to reach out to customers, build a brand, and cement their place in the market.

Ten Ways to Generate More Law Firm Leads Online

There are many opportunities for lead generation that law firms can overlook when developing marketing for personal injury lawyers. In an ultra-competitive market, it is important to make every lead count, and develop a sound strategy to cultivate useful leads. Here are ten different tools, tips, and strategies that law firms can use online to help […]

How to Beat Bigger Firms with Better Keywords

 Marketing makes all the difference, but the medium is more important than money. Thanks to search engines and social media, the most expensive marketing options aren’t necessarily the most effective, because your small law firm may outrank larger competitors online. Instead of spending your marketing budget on advertisements that simply spread your law firm’s name and […]

Why Your IT Person Shouldn’t Build Your Law Firm Website

Consider the big picture: what’s the purpose of your law firm website and internet presence? Firms have different reasons for being on the web. Some want direct leads, most (should) want to demonstrate thought leadership, while more than a few just want a digital identity. Whatever the reason, there is one purpose they all share: […]

Why you should consider email marketing before any other

If you’re not using email marketing to regularly communicate, you’re leaving money on the table. Attracting a new client, one that has no connection to your law firm, is far more expensive than getting repeat business from a former client. Given that, why wouldn’t every experienced lawyer start with email marketing before any other kind? […]

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking website. The Facebook platform makes it easy for you to connect and share with your connections online, and it has dramatically changed the way many people communicate. As more and more people join Facebook, it has become easier than ever to share updates and experiences, not just […]