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Standing Out In A Sea Of Content

Content is king in today’s digital marketing strategy. Millions of companies, from the largest Fortune 100 corporations to single owner operations on Etsy, are using content marketing to reach out to customers, build a brand, and cement their place in the market.

Ten Ways to Generate More Law Firm Leads Online

There are many opportunities for lead generation that law firms can overlook when developing marketing for personal injury lawyers. In an ultra-competitive market, it is important to make every lead count, and develop a sound strategy to cultivate useful leads. Here are ten different tools, tips, and strategies that law firms can use online to help […]

Lawyer Website Blogs: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

It seems to happen over and over again — owners of new lawyer website blogs make mistakes proven to lose traffic and decrease search engine rankings. Blogging may be a relatively new art form, but it’s not so new that there aren’t already tried-and-true methods of failure and success. (Article continues below Infographic) Learn from […]

How to Beat Bigger Firms with Better Keywords

 Marketing makes all the difference, but the medium is more important than money. Thanks to search engines and social media, the most expensive marketing options aren’t necessarily the most effective, because your small law firm may outrank larger competitors online. Instead of spending your marketing budget on advertisements that simply spread your law firm’s name and […]

The 5 Best Twitter Apps for Lawyer Website Marketing

Twitter has come to be used in delightfully unexpected ways: to soothe loneliness, disseminate breaking news, provide daily laughs and—of course—to enhance lawyer website marketing. Are you getting as many followers-per-tweet as you think you could? Do you ever suspect that some people use Twitter to their best advantage, and that you aren’t among them? […]

What Makes a Law Firm Website Different From Other Business Websites?

Launching a website isn’t too difficult. But building a successful website that attracts and converts traffic? That’s not quite as simple. Aim to create your own law firm website and you’ll be faced with plenty of challenges that standard retail businesses don’t need to address. Because a website is the modern day calling card, it […]

How to Market Yourself in Five Seconds

How much can a visitor tell about your website after viewing it for five seconds? See for yourself at Usability Hub’s Five Second Test, a site that provides web designers with feedback from testers who look at the designer’s page for five seconds and then attempt to answer questions about it. (Try it yourself to […]