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3 Problems with Your Internet Marketing (and How to Solve Them)

Ever wonder why some law-firm websites bring in a steady stream of qualified prospective clients while others, maybe yours, sit on the sidelines? Any lawyer who has run even a few searches on Google realizes that visibility on the Net, generally speaking, has little to do with the competence or reputation of the attorneys at […]

How to Reach Clients Through Social + New Features from LinkedIn & Google+ [THE BRIEF]

The following roundup highlights the month’s most popular legal marketing headlines, featuring news, how-tos, tips, and studies on everything from SEO to social media topics. A More Personalized LinkedIn Homepage LinkedIn was busy with updates this month, adding more personalized insights to users’ homepages, specifically for the features “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” and “You Recently […]

Six Reasons You Should Care About Your LinkedIn Endorsements

You can’t help but notice them. By now even the infrequent visitor to LinkedIn has been invited to endorse his connections, in batch or individually. Critics deride the endorsements as inaccurate, irrelevant or without meaning. For those who aren’t familiar, endorsements require little effort on the person making the endorsement. LinkedIn serves up your connections, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging for Lawyers: Crafting Content that Gets Noticed

Lawyers spend a lot of their time writing. They draft briefs, pleadings, demand letters, opinion letters, settlement agreements, contracts, wills, trusts and other important instruments. But most of them, in my experience, struggle with writing content for social media and for their blogs in particular. They have learned from marketing experts and some successful rainmaking […]